Custom Tags

Made Just For You

Custom 3D printed tags are unique, flat, customized design items that you can use on a necklace, keychain, bags, and more. Made with ABS plastic (the same stuff Lego is made of) so they are super strong and with a bit of flexibility and won’t fade right away in sunlight or water. Tags can range in size from 1.5” to 3.5” and be created with a variety of colors and shapes in up to four different colors. We can take your logo and 3D-ify-it to look great in plastic and make tags with a tailored shape and size. 

You can use custom 3D printed tags for just about anything. From VIP events, convention speaker badges, convention VIP badges, employee rewards, clubs, customer appreciation, identification, and gifts. Our customers keep finding more uses for they tags and we know you’ll find even more!

I Want My Own Tags

Got an idea for how you can use your own Custom 3D printed tags? We can help with that!

We have a handy tag calculator tool to help you pick out the essential options for your tags. Simply pick the shape, number of tags, and which colors you want. You can also attach a copy of your logo to use on your tag. The calculator will automatically add up the costs so you can budget how ever you want!

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