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Custom Pottermore-Style Wands

Custom Pottermore-Style Wands Pottermore wand Img 7195 Fullsizeoutput 14b2

Price: $40.00



  • Hand painted and finished
  • 3D printed core
  • Color, length, and style will match your Pottermore wand
  • Production takes about 10 days

The ultimate addition to your collection! If you're a fan of (and who isn't) and have taken your wand selection quiz, now you can get your Pottermore wand for real!

All you need to do is send us a link to your Pottermore wand and we do all the rest!  You can email it to [email protected].

Production takes usually less than week but we say 10 days just to be safe.

Our 3D printed designs are inspired by Harry Potter. Each wand is hand made and there may be imperfections. 

Impossibly light and flexible and enchanted with a 3D printed core and using the latest wand forging techniques including a proprietary seven step process for the best quality.

This is intended to be a prop and a collectors item and is not a toy. Colors may look different on screen than how they appear in person.

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